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Stretches that help backpain

8 Easy Stretches That Help Lower Back Pain!

Many people suffer from back pain and the tendency is to resort to medication to make the pain manageable but this may not be good long term solution. Without identifying the root cause of your back pain, ... Continue Reading →
Weight loss, man and woman picture

How Much Weight Can I lose in a Week and Still be Healthy?

First off, you are probably starting off on the wrong foot by using a period of time as short as a week. If you have a lot of weight to lose you should be thinking of a longer term strategy that you can adopt ... Continue Reading →
Galss of coke

Coke Vs Water, the Ultimate Comparison!

The winner of this battle is a no-brainer yet most of the civilized world will reach for a coke before they will reach for a glass of water. So let us put the two directly along side on another and maybe next ... Continue Reading →

Should I Run Everyday?

I don’t feel like running, should I stay indoors and pretend to “rest.” NO!!!!!!!! If you are thinking that way then I’d implore you to stop reading HERE —-> Still with us? ... Continue Reading →

5 Quick and Easy Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!

Most people understand that EXERCISING > NOT EXERCISING but many of those people simply don’t have an hour and half  a day to commit to exercise.  “I don’t have time to workout” ... Continue Reading →
Man in Desert thirsty

Are You Dehydrated? This Chart Will Tell You!

There are many benefits to drinking water including: waste removal, temperature regulation, joint lubrication and the delivery of key nutrients and oxygen throughout the body Dehydration occurs when more ... Continue Reading →
emotional eating woman

12 Signs You Could Be Emotional Eater!

Is food all you think about? Does your life revolve around food? Do you eat food just to feel better? You could be and emotional eater and not only will that often result in you consuming unhealthy, feel-good ... Continue Reading →
Benefits of sleep, mana and woman sleeping

5 Surprizing Health Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is important, helps to body regenerate and always you to have the strength and vitality to energetically confront your day. These aforementioned benefits we all know about but sleep also has some less ... Continue Reading →
Way to slow down Aging

8 Ways You Can Slow Down Aging Drastically!

Aging is inevitable. It is as inevitable as the fact that the sun will rise and set tomorrow. Our body will continue to break down and we will continue to age and show wear and tear as the passage of time ... Continue Reading →
Man And Women Weight Loss picture

5 Surprisingly Simple Fat Loss Secrets!

As the saying goes, eat less, exercise  more and the pounds will just melt away ~ If only it was that simple. How you exercise and what you eat are also very important considerations in your overall weight ... Continue Reading →